Dragon quest

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Dragon Quest

MetaCartel is a global community, with a remote-first focus. 

We believe that the best teams and builders come from everywhere and anywhere, thus a virtual hackathon is the perfect way to welcome humans from anywhere to team up, learn together, and build cool stuff.  

A common misconception around the world is that ‘hacking’ specifically means coding or software development. This is simply not true and to prove it we’re inviting all types of hackers to join us on this quest. Whether you’re a designer, illustrator, artist, writer, philosopher, blogger, marketer, game designers or hold any of a plethora of other skills, we want you!

Hackathon bounties include non-technical hacks so throw on your creative hat and join us on this mystical journey.

Starting Day

April 01, 2020


Remote First


30 Days




Virtual events are already becoming a major thing and we want to lead the charge making them all-inclusive, sustainable, and fucking awesome.

The goal of Dragon Quest is to rip the lid off the traditional hackathon framework, encourage maximum collaboration, maximize cross-pollination of ideas and implementations, and more importantly to have the most FUN while doing it.


  1. 2947 💸 (ETH/DAI) x “The Dragon” + MetaCartel Membership🌶
  2. 1842 💸 (ETH/DAI) x “Armour of Berlin, +2 enjoyment to music”
  3. 1105 💸 (ETH/DAI) x “Staff of Octopus, +2 to multi-tasking”
  4. 736 💸 (ETH/DAI) x “Boots of Nimbleness, +3 dexterity”
  5. 368 💸 (ETH/DAI) x “Amulet of Windfall, immune to market recessions”


Judges will evaluate the submissions on Bounties Network.

Zach Herring

Dan Elitzer

Jake Brukhman

Ric Burton

Lili Lashka

Zefram Lou

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